We are two twin sisters who decided to give up our careers in finance to launch our souls’ desire – Karapincha. Born and brought up on the paradise island that Lonely Planet named Best in Travel 2019; Sri Lanka – we still value our traditions and cultures. Throw in to the mix a family background of owning the most popular vegetarian restaurant in Colombo, we have decided to focus on our entrepreneurial skills and launch Karapincha in London

When growing up, we have seen our mother spending so much time in the kitchen preparing the best meals for our family. Although we were more interested in eating than cooking, we did learn every single secret recipe from her. Karapincha’s dishes are inspired by our mother’s home-cooked meal in Sri Lanka.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka, is well known for its natural beauty, it’s interesting history but mostly for its spices! Although we have a variety of spices in Sri Lanka, Cinnamon is what put us on the spice map. Alongside curry leaves, we use cinnamon for spicing up our curries. Whilst Karapincha uses local, seasonal produce we stay true to our roots by using only spices which are hand-ground in Sri Lanka by our family

Rice and curry remains the culinary king on Sri Lanka’s food scene – but with fiercer flavours than in neighbouring India, and with sauces based on coconut milk and fiery chilli sambols. We take pride in our curry!

If you want to have a Sri Lankan experience, visit us at the Limehouse pub in Canary wharf  or in Mercato Metropolitano in February 2020 

All of our food are plant based. Considering we use only fresh vegetables and coconut milk in our curry, it makes our vegetarian options also vegan.

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